Foundations for Training Excellence

PD94bWwgdmVyc2lvbj0iMS4wIiBlbmNvZGluZz0idXRmLTE2Ij8+PG9wdGlvbnM+PG1lZGlhSUQ+NjkxMzwvbWVkaWFJRD48bWVkaWFBbGlnbm1lbnQ+cmlnaHQ8L21lZGlhQWxpZ25tZW50PjxtZWRpYUhlaWdodD4xMTI3PC9tZWRpYUhlaWdodD48dGl0bGU+Rm91bmRhdGlvbnMgbG9nbzwvdGl0bGU+PG1lZGlhV2lkdGg+MTgwPC9tZWRpYVdpZHRoPjxoc3BhY2U+MTI8L2hzcGFjZT48Y29udHJvbFR5cGU+TWVkaWFJdGVtPC9jb250cm9sVHlwZT48dnNwYWNlIC8+PC9vcHRpb25zPg==The Foundations for Training Excellence seminar is part of an ongoing effort to develop and support a national network of trainers by ICN. The ultimate goal of all ICN training is the continuous improvement of child nutrition programs. The intended audience of this seminar is anyone who wishes to become a more effective trainer. This seminar is intended to assist participants in assessing the current level of skill they already possess and to encourage further professional development. It will also give the participants tools and resources they can take back to their workplaces to use immediately.