Responding to a Food Recall

Although the United States food supply is among the safest in the world, sometimes food may be unsafe or mislabeled. When there is reason to believe food is unsafe, or mislabeled, the food is recalled, or otherwise removed, from commerce. The food recall process for school nutrition programs differs depending on whether the recall affects USDA Foods or commercially purchased foods. This resource was developed to provide an overview of the recall process for USDA Foods with a focus on school nutrition programs.

For more information about recalls of both USDA Foods and commercial foods, sign-up for free recall alert notifications.  USDA Commodity Alert System

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Procedures for Recalls of USDA Foods
An overview of the recall process for USDA Foods with a focus on school meals programs. Published 2014.
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Instructor's Manual
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Participant's Workbook
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PowerPoint. 2013.
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Conducting a Mock Recall of Produce in a School Nutrition Operation
This mock recall resource developed by the USDA provides instruction on how to practice conducting a school district-wide recall of fresh produce.
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